Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

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Affiliated Programs

We're back! SET-BC and our affiliated programs were affected Sunday January 25 and Monday January 26 by a major system outage at our Internet service provider PLNet. All of our various websites and services were affected by the outage, which also affected 21 school districts around the province. If you have sent email to a contact at @setbc.org, @prcvi.org, @at-bc.ca, or @cayabc.org on Sunday or Monday, your message was likely not received. You may wish to send your message again if you do not receive a reply.

Our Program

We assist BC school districts in supporting students whose access to the curriculum is restricted.

Our Students

We provide BC students with assistive technology to support their participation, communication, and learning.

Our Teams

We help school based teams acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement assistive technology.